Welcome to the Porthleven Food and Music Festival 2018.

Last year we drew around 30,000 of you lovely people to our small harbour town over three days of food, music, art, entertainment and fun with the ‘Under the Sea’ theme. And what a few days it was with blazing sunshine and merriment!
Now in our tenth year,  we have a few small changes and additions to the festival to make it even better – follow our Facebook page for the latest updates.

About the Festival

Porthleven Food and Music Festival is a non-profit community organisation run by talented, committed and enthusiastic volunteers from the local community. The objectives of the food festival are to:

  • Protect and stimulate the local economy.
  • Ensure the involvement and pleasure of the whole community.
  • Stimulate the growth of awareness of the environment, food culture and production, and nutrition
  • Promote awareness of the extent and quality of locally produced food
    aspire to a wider audience and a growing cultural remit

If you need to get in touch please see our contact page.

Porthleven History:

Did you know that there has been a settlement here for thousands of years? Whether they grew up here or moved here to live, Porthleven’ers are proud of their history. The Porthleven Community Interest Company secured funds to develop a Town Trail providing much information about the history of the place. If you are interested, you can fine out about the historic features of Porthleven here. Go to: Porthleven Town Trail