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The Explorer's Daughter

Time for a cup of tea and a good book? Always.

We’re welcoming authors to our Lit tent and chefs with a host of cookbooks under their belts to our Chefs’ Theatre. So what better opportunity to take a tour through some great titles to get stuck into this spring?

Read them now – and get them autographed when you come and see us. There will be a Chef’s signing session in The Literary & Acoustic tent at 10am on Sunday.

Food for a Happy Gut

Have a happy gut

Chef and author Naomi Devlin will appear in our chef’s Theatre on Saturday. She’s something of an expert in special dietary requirements. She wrote River Cottage’s Gluten Free Cookbook and she’ll be cooking and talking about recipes from her book Food for a Happy Gut. The book has over a hundred recipes to help feed the good bacteria in the gut while nourishing and healing the body.

Essential Diabetes Cookbook

Healthy and tasty

And while we’re talking food intolerances and specialities, our patron Antony Worrall Thompson’s Essential Diabetes Cookbook is well worth a look.

When diagnosed with the pre-diabetic condition Syndrome X, Antony trawled the world for recipes that manage glucose levels but don’t compromise on taste. From Sweet and Sour Prawns to Spicy Lamb Tagine, here’s a host of healthy eating options from around the world. With each recipe analysed by a dietician.

Josh Eggleton Cookbook

Download recipes now

Michelin starred Josh Eggleton  worked with lifestyle company Caple to produce a year’s worth of recipes as part of their Chef Recipes Collection. Download a selection of magazines featuring Josh’s recipes on Caple’s website: https://www.caple.co.uk/downloads/the-chef/

Into the arctic

We can’t put down Kari Herbert’s amazing biography The Explorer’s Daughter: A Young Englishwoman Rediscovers Her Arctic Childhood. Kari lived with her mother and father, the explorer Wally Herbert, among the Inuit people in the arctic until she was two. The pull of the place and its people lured her back several times during her childhood and again as an adult. It’s a compelling but savage world ruled by darkness and light. We totally understand why the BBC made this a Book of the Week. Catch Kari in the Lit Tent on Saturday at 12:45pm


Marli's Tangled Tale

An environmental story

And last but not least a big mention to Marli’s Tangled Tale by Ellie Jackson. This beautifully illustrated story for young and old educates about the dangers of balloon releases and their devastating effect on our oceans and wildlife. This book also fits perfectly with our 2018 Anti Plastic. Fantatstic! Theme. A great environmental family read.