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We are a young couple from Torquay, Devon, with a passion for good food.

In 2010, we started baking delicious cupcakes at home and selling them at local markets as “Get Cupcaked”.

With Ryan, an experienced chef with extremely high standards, and Charlie, a sweet toothed entrepreneur, we were ready to put on our oven mitts and take on the baking world one cake at a time.

Over the years, with our love for baking and creating new products, our small “cupcake business” evolved into a bakery. “Get Cupcaked transformed into “Big Bakes”, a bakery that creates delicious products including cakes, brownies, cookies and much more!….

We have worked hard to create our own recipes which combine the best ingredients just perfectly to make our generous sized treats! And lets face it, bigger is always better with Big Bakes!