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Cornish Edible Insects was started in 2015 with the aim of producing high-quality insect-based foods for human consumption.  We are based in Cornwall, a county that is already a cornucopia of exciting and unique innovations, not least in food and drink. Not only does Cornwall have a proud tradition of resourcefulness and innovation but we also have an enviable reputation for good food that is locally sourced and ethically produced.

Cornwall is a gateway to the world, not only through its thriving visitor industry but also through the high value and visibility of its exports, from mining techniques to pasties, from seaweed to silver. Cornish Edible Insects is proud to be part of that tradition, adding to the richness of this unique place.

We believe that a healthy and stimulating diet is not incompatible with ecological awareness.  In that spirit we are working with a number of science centres in the UK, along with the Wellcome Foundation on The Crunch project to advocate for the creation of a sustainable food future.  One important aspect of this future will undoubtedly be a widening of the western diet to include insects, which we believe will make a substantial contribution to food security and the lowering of environmental impact.

At the moment only a small percentage of the insects we use are raised here in the UK but over the next three years we intend to increase our use of locally-sourced insects.  Most of the insects we use come from carefully selected suppliers in Thailand who adhere to strict standards of quality and hygiene, and who also follow ethical work practices and contribute toward the development of a sustainable local economy.



  • Insects are an incredible source of protein and essentially nutrients.
  • Insects typically use up to 20 times less feed to produce and equivalent amount of protein.  They also require up to 1000 times less water and produce an infinitesimal amount of greenhouse gasses.
  • We know what you’re thinking.  That’s all very well, but this is insects we’re talking about.  Who in their right mind eats insects?  The answer is, almost everyone.  There are around 2000 species of edible insects, all with their unique tastes and characteristics, and these are enjoyed by over two billion people in every part of the world.