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He’s already taken to the decks once, and by gosh is he willing to do it again.
We welcome back DJ Pork Pie, the greatest DJ in the universe*
Come join us for an evening of rock, indie and ska tunes. Only the best music played, that’s a promise**
”Pork Pie simply plays the most amazing music I’ve ever heard” – Paul McCartney
”He basically inspired me to write The Joshua Tree” Bono
”We go way back, me and Pork P, he taught me how to actually place the needle on the record, unheard of at the time. Visionary” David Gilmour
”He taught Hendrix how to play the guitar with his teeth” Eric Clapton
”Pork Pie spun some tunes at Rooney’s wedding. My impression was that he’s basically the best person, ever” Gary Lineker

Porthleven 26-28 April 2024

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