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Fifteen Cornwall was set up by Jamie Oliver to make a difference in young people’s lives.

Overlooking the beach with exceptional views of Watergate Bay, the restaurant offers exceptional Italian influenced food, that’s inspired by the seasons.

Head Chef Adam Banks and Head Sommelier Elly Owen will be sharing their love of food and wine with us at the Festival. We caught up with them to find out more about cooking, wine and their favourite parts of Cornwall…

What to expect?

We will be demonstrating a pasta shape from Liguria called Trofie, which is a hand rolled pasta made from semolina and hot water traditionally served with pesto. We will turn it into a dish with fermented wild garlic, pecorino, mint and almonds. There will also be wines to taste alongside which have been matched to the dish and its unusual flavour.

What is your work passion?

Elly: to make wine accessible to all

Adam: to try and influence the way we look at produce and its flavour and to show that we can use all of the product not just parts of it, low waste, resourcefulness and respect.

What makes food at Fifteen so special?

We are Italian at the core, we have a format that stays the same. Lunch is becoming more trattoria style, more accessible for people to taste lots of different flavours. Dinner is different, we want the dishes to be honest and show off the ingredients, we use certain ideas and techniques to draw the best out.

Yes the location influences the menu but it is about showing off what Cornwall has to offer and the producers that we use.

Fave dish to cook and why?

I much prefer cooking lots of small plates of food. This way you can get to taste lots of different flavours. It also lends itself to the wine, if you’re drinking a bottle and can taste its flavour changing as you move between plates, it becomes a topic of conversation.

Fave place to eat and why?

I take influences from a lot of other places and but if given a golden ticket to anywhere, I would be heading to Copenhagen to eat at some of the places that I follow.

What’s special about living in Cornwall

The lifestyle. We’re both very lucky to have the careers that we have in Cornwall, but every day we get to enjoy all the things that people come to experience when they’re on holiday.

Can you recommend a place to visit in Cornwall

Adam: Tregardock near Port issac

Elly: the Lizard

Catch Adam and Elly in the Chefs’ Theatre presented by Proper Job on Saturday 21 April at 1:15pm.