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Exeter-based duo Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood dovetail beautifully on beguiling acoustic pop tracks that are a joy to experience live.

Radio 2 called their new album, For All Our Sins, ‘a stunning debut collection’ and Chris Evans declared himself ‘blown away’ before inviting them to perform alongside U2 and Take That on TFI Friday.

We caught up with the Sirens as they headed up to Scotland for a tour before they come down to join us in Cornwall…


How’s 2018 been?

2018 has been great so far. We have filled it with finishing songs from a new album. Been to Ireland for our first Irish tour and Germany. We’re loving the travelling.

What can we expect from you at Food Fest?

An energetic, and emotion filled performance with some chit-chat which is probably too honest at times. And watch out for our new material… we have brand new songs that we will be playing and releasing at the end of the year.

We’re ten years old this year – where would you like to be in ten years time?

In ten years we would like to be polishing our Brit award – (girls gotta dream!!!) Abbe has a secret desire to be on Room 101 and Hannah would like to be on tour with Hanson. As a team we plan to release a book on our favourite service stations across the country. It will also be featured on Richard and Judy’s best sellers list. Just saying.

And what’s the best thing you’ve done in the last ten?

The best thing we have done in the last ten years is this!!! Travelling around and selling our music is what we always dreamed of so we are very grateful for right now. Purchasing a dog basket for a bike. Running half marathon for the homeless. Oh… and sharing a shot with Brian Adams in a porter cabin. Pretty sure it wasn’t a dream.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

Our fav place to eat (being veggies) is Herbies vegetarian restaurant in Exeter. It’s amazing. Our road trips revolve around our next feed – so farm shop services are always a winner.

And what are you looking forward to (apart form playing) at the Food Festival?

The food! Abbe wants olives. Loads of olives. Oh, and spicy food followed by a nice cake stand… and then cider and gin. Rhubarb if we have the choice. We’re not divas though – promise!

What do you love about this part of the world?

Hannah is from Cornwall, Abbe is from Devon, and the southwest is the best place to be. We love the sea and festivals so we are made!! We can’t wait to play and party! Thanks Porthleven Food Festival for having us and providing such a great weekend.


Hannah & Abbe will play at our After Dark Party on Saturday evening.

See the full after dark line-ups and get tickets.