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Passion & Smoke was founded in 2013 with the single aim of using fantastic sourced local ingredients with people that feel passionate about food & adding a bit of good old American smoke, spice & of course passion.

 All our food & even our sauces are smoked long & slow using English wood from sustainable forests. Depending on what we are smoking we use a mix of cherry, Sweet chestnut & apple wood to slowly smoke the food in one of our authentic pit smokers a process that can sometimes last up to a whole day.

The end result is the most mouth watering long, low & slow apple wood smoked pulled pork, dirty beef brisket,  Beef Short Ribs, New York Pastrami, St Louis Pork ribs & Butter Milk chicken, to name a few.. We also produce authentic American dishes like Mac & Cheese, Jambalaya & Seafood Gumbo. Every thing we make is home-made from scratch. We also make all our own rubs, marinades & sauces.

We are the real deal wood fired American pit barbecue. A self-contained cook house on wheels & can go anywhere sometimes with a twist, come see us at festivals & events across the land.