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The Fringe – 4pm – Friday

Join Heather Buttivant for a great family event that delves into the magical, miniature world of rock pools. She’ll change the way you view even the most ordinary creatures – from crabs to barnacles, blennies to anemones – forever.

Since childhood Heather Buttivant has been drawn to the shoreline. As an adult she left Cornwall to work in the Environmental sector, but felt marooned in the airless offices of London, and found herself yearning for the coastline again.

Her new book, Rock Pool – Extraordinary Encounters between the Tides is the story of a woman who couldn’t leave the sea, turning a childhood fascination into a career and a calling. A writer and scientist who has spent

decades with her hands immersed in freezing water, waiting and observing, uncovering the extraordinary secrets of the small creatures who survive in the shifting sands and draining pools between the tides.

Focusing on a single creature per chapter Buttivant uses the retreating tides as a way to take us deeper into her own story, as well as the secrets of the sea.