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Chefs’ Theatre – 4:15pm – Sunday 19 April

Rupert Cooper of the Cornish Pirates, Borgia Bull and Philleigh Way cookery school will be joining us again to host the Chef’s Theatre on Sunday – he did such an amazing job last year we thought it only right to have him back.

Rupert is a former professional rugby player, who taught himself to cook a bit when he wasn’t at the bottom of a ruck! His love for cooking comes from his mum, she is his culinary inspiration and since a very young age he’s have enjoyed learning from her in the kitchen. As a youngster, Rupert spent a lot of time in France with his family, and here food began to take on a deeper meaning to him, as he discovered an understanding for how food embodies culture.

Rupert now runs Borgia Bull, a Cornwall-based catering company, specialising in distinctive dinner party events and wine tastings as well as offering the unique opportunity to visit the Borgia Restaurant Kitchen for a completely different experience with the exclusive “Borgia Bull Supper Club”.


He also owns Philleigh Way, a cookery school based in south Cornwall that also offers unique dining experiences. Bordering the river Fal with the ocean a few miles away this balanced landscape of arable fields, pasture and ancient oak woodland is an inspirational place to learn about food and its provenance.